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Being a beginner in the stock market, we advise you to invest minimum amount of in a good mid-cap stock performing good in the stock market with consistency. The minimum amount that can be invested is of Rs 500 including brokerage charges.

Piece of Advice – before buying a stock you must carefully analyze the the past and present performance of the same stock so that you can make at least 10% profit within 3 months. When you make profit you should reinvest the total amount in another good stock and so on.

You need three things to invest in the stock market and buy equity.
  • 1. Bank account – it is necessary to draw money when you buy shares or receive money when you sell shares.
  • 2. Trading account – it is required, as here you sell and buy stocks online.
  • 3. Demat account – it works as repository of shares bought and sold. The shares are in digital form.

For further information, you can call our experts, who are available round a clock. Learn the basic characteristics of the stock market with us.

Money Classic Research
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