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About BTST/STBT Future

This service at Money Classic Research and Analysis is meant for traders who wish not to invest their substantial time and effort with intraday trading but are pretty eager to generate returns and profits from the market by holding on to their positions overnight. These sorts of traders have to experience an increased risk as they have to keep their positions on hold till the next day. Our experienced technicians and analyst at Money Classic put their heads to work full-time and analyze the market securely on an overnight basis to note in which direction the market tends to move either on the buy side or sell side and offer the best trading tips on BTST/STBT basis so that traders enjoy maximum profit overnight.

We wish to introduce ourselves as a leading technical analysis firm that has immense experience in the buying and selling portfolio of the stock market and come as remedy for anybody wanting to grow exponentially on the crest of the stock market. The basic idea is that, if someone keeps holding loosing position and has a cut on their profitable positions, the idea is to cut the position after a brief period of time, irrespective of the trade being in profit or in loss.

People tend to trade the stock market as an normal equity market and holds it for some time, but stock futures should not be traded based on stock delivery and should be traded on an very short interval of time, this is where our STBT Calls and BTST calls comes handy notifying traders when to buy and when to sell appropriately. Many people also tend to think that by holding to a position for a long time in the stock market, they would generate more profit, but this only enhances the risk on the position. With our STBT Tips and BTST Tips, we mediate the idea of booking quick profits and help our customers to hold a stock future for a short span of time, so that they get exposed to a very limited level of risk.

Benefits of our service:
Our BTST tips and STBT tips are been tailored over thorough research and an experienced team ensures that the position of traders are tracked and monitored to be optimized at all times.
Our relationship management team would ensure that traders receive services that are related to their investment needs.
Our BTST/STBT services are available on flexible schemes of subscription of 1/3/6/12 months.
All our calls are based on strong technical research and we would assure that our clients get the most accurate tip in our BTST/STBT service.
We do not confuse our clients by accumulating too much of calls for them, but would offer one or two BTST/STBT Tips in a day based on the market condition.
We offer prompt follow up for every recommendation we make.
We also afford complete follow up directly from our executive table on yahoo messenger service as well.
Through Our STBT/BTST calls we communicate best economic updates for our clients.
We see that we offer a profit of Rs.10, 000 on our first target for our customers in 1 lot and stop loss would be around Rs.12, 000 on the first lot.

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