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About BTST Cash

BTST stands for acquire today sell tomorrow or buy today sell tomorrow and this facility is offered by most of the stock brokers in the country and through this service, investors could buy stocks today and sell it the other day before one gets the delivery of those shares. This facility has its own merits and demerits and it is quite important to understand the equity settlement cycle to benefit the best from BTST cash.

The equity market in our country follows a T + 2 settlement cycles when the trading stocks. This means that if one buy 100 shares from a company on Monday, We would get its delivery i.e., it would get credited on one′s demat account only after two days, that is on Wednesday, and similarly of one sells shares on Monday We would receive those funds on their trading account only on Wednesday. Public holidays and weekend holidays would not be considered for delivery and therefore of one buys some stock on Friday, We would get the stock delivered on their demat account only on Tuesday evening.

To learn in brief what is an demat account is, it is the account where the stocks get settled in an dematerialized format and is similar to a safety locker in the bank where one could place their valuables, but in the electronic format. Whereas trading account is where one keeps their funds for buying and selling stocks. Trading account is where all action happens and this is the place where one′s futures, intraday position and options contract stay. If a stock is bought for delivery at the trading account, after 2 days it could get credited on the demat a/c that has been linked with the trading a/c, and when stocks are sold, the same is debited from demat a/c.

When someone buys a stock, We should sell it after they get delivery on their demat, but in its world opportunities might arise much before that people want an exit decision before delivery occurs. At money classic research and analysis, we assist our investors to buy and sell before they get delivery. Through our BTST calls service we help traders to sell stocks the next day after buying them. For this purpose, investors might use cash and carry type while purchasing stocks, that is they have to use their demat account for stocks delivery. Merits of using the BTST option is trade is that investors have the flexibility to exit any time after We buy the stock and We do not have to pay the DP charge, charge that one has to pay when stocks get debited from demat account. There are certain demerits of this transaction as well, for those trying to convert intraday positions to delivery, the securities transaction tax might go up to ten times if they hold intraday positions overnight. Also, sometimes stocks get moved to Trade to trade segment to curb interest by the exchanges, and then one has to compulsorily take delivery for buying and give delivery for selling, intraday trading would not be possible. But do not worry experts at money classic research would guide traders speculatively with the best BTST tips free so that investors make the best advantage of the money market.

In this service we offer:
1-2 BTST tips for a day based on the market condition.
We guide our investors through proper follow up for every recommendation we make.
We afford complete support over SMS and yahoo messenger service.
We offer timely economic updates on the market based on deep market analysis and research.

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